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Vermont Farriers Contest Video

I had the pleasure of attending the Vermont Farriers Associations fall contest and clinic last weekend. I took along my GoPro HD Hero 2. I use that camera for all sorts of things (usually strapped to remote control aircraft).
When I wasn’t engrossed in conversation, watching a the clinic attentively or competing, I was walking around with the GoPro rolling. Actually while forging I wore it on my head.

Here is the edited video. leave a comment if you like it!

If for some reason the video is blocked by youtube you can view it below on vimeo.

The Contest – This is what a Farrier does. from hoofwork on Vimeo.

4 Responses to “Vermont Farriers Contest Video”

  • Hi,

    I love the video so much. Do you mind if I ask what editing software you used?


  • Hi Scooter,

    Thank you! I used Sony Vegas 10 for the editing software. There are some plugins I used for the slow motion effects. I was really happy with the gopro footage considering it was low light. Makes me really want to buy a pro video camera ;)

    Take care!

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