Hoof Work for maximum soundness.

Draining an Abscess

This is a short video where we drained an abscess in a very lame horse. Horse was presented grade 5 lameness (bearing little to no weight) on her left fore. Shoe was removed and hoof testers were used to find effected area of suspected abscess The infection was so painful that any pressure in the area was enough to get a strong pain reaction from the horse. The abscess was drained and treated, and the horse successfully returned to work in about 10 days.  Usually recovery time can be much shorter, but the longer and abscess is untreated the more damage it does. In some cases it can actually destroy bone and effect joints.

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3 Responses to “Draining an Abscess”

  • This mare is still sound and enjoys hours on the trail! She has fully recovered. Thank you Josh!

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