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Fabricating a Urethane Shoe

Sometimes you don’t realistically have the option of nailing a shoe on a horse. In those cases where I still want to use a shoe, I like to glue them on. However, sometimes for some reason even that’s not a good option. Such is the case with the horse in the following video. He is a very thin-walled/soled Thoroughbred used in a lesson program. Without shoes he is very unhappy, but when shoes are applied they don’t stay on long. He manages to pull them off no matter what we do. Glue-on shoes are regularly pulled off and this can get expensive.

I chose to fabricate a shoe from a product called Super Fast from Vettec. It is perfect for this type of application. It sets up very fast once it’s on the foot, and is much harder for the horse to pull off because it essentially becomes part of the hoof. One can create a nice shoe out of it, or use it to rebuild hoof walls.

Here is a video showing the application of this shoe.

4 Responses to “Fabricating a Urethane Shoe”

  • Saw the video but wanted to know how it held up and what type of work? how did the horse respond to them?

  • Hi Missie,
    I must have missed this. The horse responded very well to this setup. We got about 5 weeks out of the set. The wear occurred at the toe mostly. The horse was a lesson horse did walk/trot/canter and low level fence work.

  • Josh has transitioned my 17h 1450# dressage horse into these superfast shoes and the horse is going great! Has grown 7mm of sole and finally has the correct balance to move forward. He is a traditional steel shoe behind and with Josh he has finally grown heel. Our vet is quite impressed with the improvement.

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